Experiencing Exceptional at De Toren

When one thinks of De Toren Private Cellar, the words elegance, sophistication, exceptional come to mind. These words ring true as you enter the esquistely renovovated De Toren Manor House which is now open to the public.

De Toren Private Cellar is one of the most internationally respected premium producers in South Africa, and now it has a home that exubes the acclaim and prestige the wines have become known for.

A little history.

De Toren was established in 1994, and the maiden vintage was released in 1999. The first release of De Toren Fusion V was the first five way varietal Bordeaux style blend in South Africa. Picked from the slightly warmer west-facing vineyards on the property, it’s a ‘Left Bank’ wine dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon yet supported by the classic Bordeaux companions of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec. Blended harmoniously together, it’s a seamless ‘fusion’ of the five classic varieties of Bordeaux that is consistently scored highly by international wine critics and also the first SA wine to score 90+ points for its maiden vintage. It received a Gold medal in the IWSC and 90 points From Robert Parker at Wine Spectator. This expedited De Toren to a respected world wide platform of elite producers. This was just the start of an impressive array of acclolades they would be awarded over the next twenty or so years.

An attention to detail, terroir and focus on exceptional quality has cemented De Toren’s place in the lime light on the international wine stage.

2020 was a time to reflect and renovate.

After the sale of De Toren at the end of 2018, the new shareholders saw an oppourtunity to rebrand and renovate the origonal Manor house and open it to the public. Luxurousily revamped, the Manor House has an African and Cape Dutch influence. Opulent and contemporary interiors have an African aesthetic. Comfort and elegance combine. Magificent fireplaces, high ceilings, open wooden beams and large glass doors and windows opening up to manicured gardens and panormaic views stretching from Heldeberg, over False Bay and Table Mountain. It is the perfect space to enjoy a glass of one of South Africa’s best red wines, but be warned you will settle in easily and you won’t want to go home!

Liquid Memory

The wines are made with the sole purpose to be some of the best wines in the world. Ambitious? Absolutely. But they have a track record to prove they were not over zealous in their aspiration.

Their philiosphy has been founded on Pliny’s quote “Truth is the vine” and the original virtues of making wine. The quote is etched into the walls of the cellar as a daily reminder.

Last year the vineyards were certified as organic. All the De Toren wines express nature. Farming organically and sustainably builds an immune system for the vines, which in turn gives the soils, vines and grapes vitality.

De Toren is also home to South Africa’s first gravity fed cellar, which acheives the gentlest and most respectful movement of the wines.


Whilst the rest of the range of wines at Toren are philosophy and quality driven, the Delicate is goal driven. The goal to give the consumer a lighter style red to enjoy in the summer. No they don’t make a white wine but the do have Delicate!

Suggested served chilled; this Malbec driven wine is luscious and immeasurably pleasurable. An abundance of appetising red fruit, raspberries, strawberries, youthful plum, orange peel with an underlying sweet cinnamon spice and hints of olive tapenade. A gentle acidity and silky tannins make for a lively wine with the complexity and depth you expect from De Toren. Less serious than the other wines, with a less serious price point too!

DE TOREN Z – 2017 – R450

A Right Bank-style Bordeaux blend, De Toren Z comprises a symphonic blend of five Bordeaux varietals. Merlot dominated, this wine has a luxuriously soft and delicate yet with a good structure and fine, dry tannins. The 2017 is an iconic vintage and one to be very excited for. This is a MUST vinatge for wine lovers and collectors alike. An abundance of black plum and deep red fruit dance gently on the palate. Beautiful concentration and intensity runs through the wine but does not overbare. I can’t wait to taste this is a few years to come as it has a long way to go, and is destined to be a showstopper – in the most elegant way!

DE TOREN FUSION V. – 2018 – R300

Fusion V, the boutique winery’s flagship wine, takes its name from its selection of the best of Bordeaux’s ‘noble 5’ grape varieties grown on the estate that comprise the blend. It is an excellent example, proving that South Africa can produce some outstanding and noteworthy Left Bank style wines. 2018 was a problematic vintage across the Cape, the vintage where the drought is particularly evident. Despite that, this wine is perhaps not as age-worthy as its predecessors, but it is still very impressive. An opulence of red and black fruit, with hints of liqurice and tobacco. A precise and powerful wine.

BOOK XVII – 2018 – R2750

Named after the seventeenth book of Pliny where he discusses, amongst other things why wines from certain areas are exceptional. 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Malbec, 25% Cabernet Franc. Made in very limited quantities (never more than 1200 bottles) from very low yields (max 300g/ vine) from specific parcels selected for optimum ripeness and aged in 200% new oak.

Previously hailed as South Africa’s most luxurious wine and the highest ever rated SA wine by the reputable USA publisher, Wine Enthusiast, this wine stands proud amongst the world’s finest wines. So highly acclaimed that the majority of the vintage is sold out before its release.

Cellar master, Charles Williams see’s The Book XVII and The Black Lion as Formula 1 cars, you want the best, you chase for perfection with no expenses spared. And on first impression, you are already in awe. Packaged in a locked wooden dispay case; this wine is a collectors item, one to share with a chosen a few when sober enough to work out how to open it!

The wine seduces with aromas of incomparable fruit density of cassis and blackberries, the palate is coated generously with velvety fruit, while warm spices develop from integrated rich new oak. This wine is the eptimomy of “the bold and beautiful.” Elegant tannins run through the wine like a string of pearls, soft and opulent, while the acidity shines softly. Each sip completed by a luxuriously long and smooth finish.

THE BLACK LION – 2018 – R3245

The Black Lion is De Toren’s first venture outside the boundaries of Bordeaux and varities it withholds. 100% Shiraz the grapes are sourced from the Swartland (for structure), Stellenbosch (fruit and freshness) and the Helderberg (finesse). Once hailed as South Africa’s most powerful wine, it encapsulates the term Shiraz, more Barossa than Cote Rotie.

Wine Enthusiast has historically awarded this robust beauty a stellar 95 points, securing it the title as Wine Enthusiast’s highest ever rated SA Shiraz.

The wine is dark, powerful, monumental in fact. The palate bursts with ripe blackcurrants, black plums, a ripple of smokey bacon fat, seasoned with a slightly sweet oak spice. This is quite an extraordinary wine and not like any wine I have ever tasted in South Africa before.

Experience Exceptional at De Toren Private Cellar.


We share our magnificent and unique story with you whilst tasting three of our premium red blends, including our famed De Toren Délicate, De Toren Z and De Toren Fusion V. 

No prior booking required.

R150 per person

Book XVII & The Black Lion available for tasting at an additional R 220 each. Tasting fee (valued at R150 per person) waivered upon individual wine purchases.


We offer you unique insight into the craftsmanship of our world-renowned wines. This exclusive and guided tour is approximately 1.5 hours, including a walk through the vineyard, cellar & barrel rooms. The tasting of 4 of our luxurious wines follows, including our luxurious De Toren Délicate, De Toren Z, De Toren Fusion V and either Book XVII or The Black Lion.

By appointment only.

R500 per person

Book XVII or The Black Lion available for tasting at an additional R 220 each. Tasting fee (valued at R150 per person) waivered upon individual wine purchases


We share our unique winemaking philosophy and process with you during this private 1.5-hour tour, presented by one of our senior team members. A tasting of all 5 of our iconic De Toren wines follows, including our iconic De Toren Délicate, De Toren Z, De Toren Fusion V, Book XVII and The Black Lion.

By appointment only.

R700 per person

Tasting fee (valued at R150 per person) waivered upon individual wine purchases.


To ensure the most memorable De Toren experience, we kindly ask you to book an appointment for us to share our De Toren story and bespoke wines with you. We offer you an unique insight into the craftsmanship of our world renowned wines, the viticulture process in pursuit of excellence and our winemaking philosophy.

Tastings are only available Monday to Friday, 09h00 – 16h00. For more info or to make a booking, please feel free to complete the form or contact us via info@de-toren.com / +27 (0)21 881 3119.

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