An abundance of charisma and character just like it’s maker; the captivating King of Chenin, Ken Forrester. A wine which catches your eye as it pours; sun kissed liquid gold. A natural and hands off approach to winemaking has heroed the old vines (planted in 1965). Beautiful complex concentration of fruit and a dense and generous palate. Sumptuous baked golden delicious apples, dried apricots, fynbos honey on toasted brown seeded loaf… notes of chamomile and honey suckle on the nose.

The Dirty Little Secret is a poster child for the unique attributes old vines can add to the wine, of course only showcased with minimal interference from the winemaker. The depth and texture of the wine stems from these magnificent old unirrigated bush vines.
It offers an unparalleled experience, one feels enlightened and extremely fortunate while slowly sipping on this delightful wine; it’s a bottle you never want to end. Bravo Ken. Thank you for sharing your Dirty Little Secret with the world!


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