Liquid memory… I’ve always wondered how to tone down the spice in food. I am extremely intolerant to spice; pathetic I know. I love Riesling for many reasons but it’s ability to complement a curry is one of my favourite incentives to open a bottle of this aromatic varietal. It takes the heat by the hand and serenades it, softening the edges and making it more approachable and friendly. To be frank… less of a jerk 😉
Jessica Saurwein’s Chi Riesling has saved my life many a time, it flows over my palate putting out embers as it goes, replacing them with beautiful bright luminous fireflies. Stunning acidity, refreshing with a dry but tantalising finish. Notes of typical petroleum up front, with typical orchid fruits evident; honey crisp apples, orange blossom and pear. It’s just delightful. The curry too. But this wine is the perfect excuse to pain my way through the spice and end the meal with a smile. South Africa is beginning to make some beautiful examples of this varietal; and this is one of my favourites; made by the extremely talented and beautiful Jessica Saurwein – her graceful hand and dedication to Riesling is oh so evident.