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PASERENE – a group of birds that are travelling and free and normally contain swifts and swallows.

PASERENE – a small family run winery producing high end premium wines. Wines produced are truly authentic and have a sense of place and people.

Martin Smith speaks with an American slur although he was born in Ashton. This makes the theme running through the brand more conceivable. He spent much time travelling winelands and regions overseas before settling back in his routes in South Africa where he made the highly acclaimed luxurious Vilafonte wines. But soon it was time to flock the nest and build his own in Franschhoek. His beautifully modern, contemporary tasting room represents The Flight of The Swallow. This is the home for Paserene Wines although none of his wines are currently WO Franschhoek.
Paserene comprises of three wines; A Chardonnay from Elgin which comes from the same vineyards as Richard Kershaws (one of my absolute favourites). And it’s not too dissimilar- beautiful floral notes and minarality with gentle acidity that just makes you want to sip it through the night and day and into the weekend. Then two reds complete the flock, both from Tulbagh; Union > Syrah dominated with no new oak. You can taste the wind and heat of Tulbagh. And last but definitely not least Marathon – an unusual Bordeaux Blend with the inclusion of the 6th forgotten Bordeaux varietal; Carménère. Luxurious & dense, beautiful wine.
The woman in the labels represent Mother Nature and The swallow is Martin. On the Chardonnay She is linear representing the pure wine dictated to by Mother Nature.
This brand was begun in 2013 and has an extremely credible future ahead of it. Exciting times and remarkable wines.



Bubbles Hyland

Bubbles Hyland

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