Vriesenhof Chardonnay 2016

Sushi + Wine and I’m fine. But it has to be the right wine. Although sushi is thought of as raw fish; there are some stringent flavours in most sushi; soy, ginger, wasabi etc. A wine would need a certain fullness to cope with these flavours but it mustn’t cross the line and dominate the raw fish either.
Enter Vriesenhof Chardonnay 2016.
It has big shoulders but poise of a ballet dancer. Heavily oaked (40% new), pronounced citrus flavours (obviously going to compliment fish right?) with a delicate nuttiness and notes of vanilla, peach, pear & apple. Not a complex wine, it has a clean palate which aligns perfectly with immaculate salmon sashimi. The wines richness and weight pairs perfectly with the oily and dense raw fish and rice. The acidity from the wine and saltiness of the nori dance on your palate and declare that this was a good pairing!
What’s your ‘go to’ wine when you are having sushi?