WELL FED; 96 Winery Road – An institution

Set in the rolling hills of the Helderberg, amongst picturesque vineyards and surrounded by renowned Stellenbosch wineries sits 96 Winery Road.  It’s The ‘Cheers’ of the Cape Winelands; but with exceptional food and a distinguished wine list. It’s not a pub but it is an institution.  96 Winery Road has been welcoming winemakers, and the who’s who of the wine industry since its inception in 1996.

Its easy for a restaurant to become popular when it opens but for it still to be so favoured by locals and tourists alike 24 years later in the fickle, fashionable Cape, that is quite an achievement.  Their winning formula?  Good honest and approachable food, consistency and warm staff.  There are so many impressive and lavish restaurants scattered across the Winelands; they are all on trend, in contemporary settings, situated on acclaimed wineries.  But they don’t have the warmth that 96 Winery Road offers.  You don’t have to dress in your glad rags for lunch at 96 Winery Road.  You dress how you feel comfortable; you won’t be judged because yellow was so last season.  Its like going home, a warm greeting as you arrive, you drink good wine, sit and laugh with your chosen people and eat hearty, nutritious food.  The portions are generous and you roll out with a full tummy and a full heart.  There is nothing pretentious or fancy nor have they changed their cuisine to keep up with the millennial demands.

As with everyone, they have had to adapt and innovate with the global pandemic that engulfs us.  Reopening with minimal staff, to keep up their high standards of food, that people have come to love and expect from them, they have had to reduce their offerings and they introduced their ‘small plates menu’.  All the old favourites are still there, but in more achievable portions, so one can experience more of the menu.

Smoked Venison Carpaccio.

Always a good place to start.  The carpaccio was abundent in glorious umami flavour.  Expertly sliced and complimented by basil pesto, parmesan and walnuts.  Its only fault, it disappeared too quickly!

The Fish Cakes and Dalewood Fig and Brie Parcels.

The fish cakes had an element of Thai spice that warmly enlivened the palate, and to Mr T’s relief were not overtly fishy. The fig and brie parcels were beautifully nostalgic and comforting.  Simplicity in its finest; a marriage of scrumptious textures and familiar flavours.

Slow Roasted Pork Belly

Perfectly cooked pork belly where the fat just melts away rather than being the centre of attention.  The crispy crackling and apple chutney appeased my inherent British gastronomic requirements 🙂  Spot on!

The Infamous Duck and Cherry Pie

When people speak of 96 Winery Road, they speak of this pie.  The story goes than no man (or woman) shall ever leave without ordering Ken’s Duck & Cherry Pie… The perfect collaboration between sharp cherries, rich duck, boozy sauce and perfect homemade puff pastry.   This very pie won the hearts of Jo’burgers who frequented Gatrile’s where Ken Forrester spent 20 years before heading to the Cape and opening 96 Winery Road.  And he bought the legendary pie with him.

“Hollandse” Pepper Fillet

It is what it says it is; pepper crust, pepper & brandy sauce.  Its not for those who are pepper sensitive!  The super soft fillet, the pepper punch and “best chips Mr T has EVER had” – it was the perfect end to the savoury lunch chapter.

My E demolished his Wagyu Slider and posh chips. Happy son, Happy mom!
1) Chocolate, Chocolate & Chocolate 2) Malva Pudding

Chocolate Chocolate chocolate is an adaption of a River Cafe flourless chocolate cake; its decadent, its delicious and abundant in – you guessed it – chocolate.

A Malva pudding has never sat so proud and fitted in so perfectly as it does at this countryside eatery.  It encapsulates the character and essence of 96 Winery Road. It was an impeccable and comforting culmination.

Come rain or come sunshine, 96 Winery road is there to welcome you with al fresco dining or cozy fireside feasting.  They have a play ground and welcome children with open arms.

If my review has enticed you to go back and revisit 96 Winery Road, or if you have never been; tempted you to pop your 96WR (duck and) cherry (pie)… then please have a look below; a wonderful incentive to buy a voucher and keep them going for another 24 years and more!  And as a thank you you will get a case of kick ass wine for FREE!

Restaurant Rescue Project

“At 96 Winery Road Restaurant, we have loved serving you for 24 years, but no year has been quite as trying and challenging as this one in 2020. The onset of COVID 19 and the lockdown measures imposed by the powers that be have caused irrevocable damage to our industry. All aspects of tourism are feeling the pain of loss of income. Many jobs have been lost and many families who relied on the hospitality industry find themselves without any income.

Our friends at Journey’s End have stepped up in support and are donating 200 cases of their premium wines to assist our cause and help us keep the lights on at 96 Winery Road. They’ve made it so easy to get your hands on some of this amazing wine: Simply purchase a 96 Winery Road restaurant voucher to the value R1,400 and you’ll receive 6 bottles of Journey’s End wine – worth R1,620 – absolutely free!

The Journey’s End premium mixed case consists of 3 bottles each of the Gabb Family Vineyards Sir Lowry Cabernet Sauvignon and Gabb Family Vineyards Chardonnay.

Your restaurant voucher can be redeemed for sit-down dining or takeaways at any time from date of purchase. Once the legislation on liquor sales and distribution goes back to normal, you may collect your case directly from us.

If you live far away and still want to lend a hand, we would be especially grateful if you’d consider purchasing a donation voucher.


96 Winery Road - Great food, great wine and great memories

The offer:

We are offering a restaurant voucher to the value of R1,400. Included with every voucher is a complimentary case of six Journey’s End wines (worth R1,620), providing a total value of R3,020. These wines can be collected from us once the alcohol ban has been lifted. Only 200 vouchers are available!

96 Winery Road - Great food, great wine and great memories

Payments can be made by EFT or credit card, through Voucher by Dineplan, or by emailing us at wineryrd@mweb.co.za.

Click here to buy a voucher

Opening Times

Deli – daily from 9h00
Coffee, croissants and pastries – daily 9h00 to 12h00
Lunch – daily from 12h00
Dinner – Friday and Saturday 17h30 to 20h00

“96 Winery Road is open seven days a week. In the mornings, we serve freshly-brewed coffee and delectable bakes from the oven – including our sought-after stuffed croissants. Our new Small Plates menu, which includes a wide selection of scrumptious new dishes, signature favourites and decadent desserts, is available daily for lunch, and for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays.

For those who prefer to stay in, our popular Dine-For-2 option allows you to customise your own decadent dining experience at home. Choose your starter, main, sides and desserts from the menu, and opt to either collect from us or have it delivered to your door. Full heating instructions are provided.

Our Deli & Gourmet Grocer has become a permanent feature, offering a wide selection of our own restaurant-made and locally-produced items. Pop in and shop while enjoying a cup of coffee, or send us your deli order in advance and we’ll prepare your items for convenient collection.”


Tel: +27 (0)21 842 2020
Fax: +27 (0)21 842 2050
WhatsApp: +27 (0)78 924 1713
E-mail: wineryrd@mweb.co.za

Physical Address

96 Winery Road Restaurant
Winery Road
Zandberg Farm



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